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AllAnalytics Vocational Training course is a 4-Months Full Time course which makes you prepared from the point of various of …


    AllAnalytics Vocational Training course is a 4-Months Full Time course which makes you prepared from the point of various of our customer’s requirements to fulfill their Job requirements. We make students ready for market by providing them a deep dive training from basic to intermediate to Expert level so that once they join any company, they are ready to start the project from first week of joining. This helps organizations for higher ROI, bringing less TCO because the candidate is ready to roll the project within week of joining.

    Course Objectives

    After the completion of this vocational training at AllAnalytics, you will be able to:

    1. Work as a Developer ( Not as a Trainee any more )
    2. Work as a proactive problem solver than Dependable person
    3. Troubleshoot problems just by looking at error logs
    4. Advance your career from point of Development and Testing as well
    5. Work as a good team player

    Training Type



    Our Institutes (We are currently in Andheri East and Mulund West). Slowly we will expand to other suburbs and regions.

    Who should go for this course?

    1. Any Fresher with good communication
    2. Any fresher with average 50-60% Marks throughout their education
    3. Any person who is working in BPO/KPO/Banks with above qualification and want to change to IT
    4. Any person who is into field of Application development and want to advance their career
    5. Any person graduated in Year 2013 or later
    6. Anybody who wants to work on niche profiles
    7. Anyone who has a passion to do something different
    8. Anyone who has a desire for career advancement
    9. Anyone who is not living in Mumbai, we have hostel facility for them


    1. Graduation in any field with no drop out
    2. Good communication
    3. Average 50-60% Marks throughout their education

    Why to do Vocational Training?

    Any organization today is facing with a challenge of People today. Every organizations today have lots of analytical work to do, but they face a challenge of skilled people. They hunt and keep hunting, they want to execute, but can’t, they want to do more, but can’t, they look for vendors, but are not satisfied. There is ample demand with least supply in this category. Whether organization is Medium or Enterprise, everyone face this issue. We bridge this gap by making you trained in and out of the topic so that you become a company asset once you join them, not the liability.

    Job Opportunities?

    This is 100% Placement guarantee Training. We have so far received 100% Job Placements. Thanks to our education patterns and our customers. We say, Guarantee where we stand as Unique company across India.

    Unique Programe

    Learn and Earn, Contact us and enroll today.

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